Website Project

Autotec automotive repair shop website web project management built on Wordpress

Created the AutoTec in Campbell website using WordPress.

Responsive design view

Autotec automotive repair shop website viewed on mobile platform


  • Obtained the domain and set up the site with GoDaddy on https://.
  • Website designed by Ann Fitzsimons and Pavan Mishra (using the Francisco WordPress CMS theme).
  • Project managed the entire development of the website, organized the website, worked directly with the client and determined the menus. When things got stalled, I moved the project forward. I found or took almost all of the photos on the website (the client supplied few photos) and wrote most of the content. Content and images were all approved by the client.
  • Continue to maintain website.
  • Logo was supplied by client.
  • Wrote almost all of the content (receiving very little from the client) including the title tags and Meta description tags in WordPress.
  • I manage the ongoing Quality control of the website.