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I met with the OE group and we thoroughly discussed all of the changes that they want on the Culture site. They want these changes to be made by October 9, 2015 on the Production site. So this should be done on the Culture staging site by 10/7/2015.

These changes will need to be done on the Culture staging site because there are too many of them. Once the changes are approved we can move them over to production.

  1. They want to have two sections on the home page:
  2. The image below of the home page has been approved by Beth and Maddie so you can move forward with the following:
  3. Anchoring should be working on the Home Page for the blog. They want to choose which article they want to have on the top of the blog list on the home page.
  4. When you click on the View More Blogs from the home page it should go to this page: But they want this page to be formatted differently. They want it to be a summary page…. and THEN you click over to the article if you want to read more. Please view the screenshot below - culture-blog-summary-bad.png image. They DO NOT want this. They want it to look kind of like screenshot-culture-blog-summary-example-fixed.jpg (but I think my spacing is a bit too close but hopefully that will give you the idea). They want a "summary intro paragraph" at the top of the summary blog page – they still have to give me this – so leave space at the top for their summary.
  5. When you click on View More Events - let me get back to you on this. I don’t know specifically what they want.
  6. If the user clicks on the article itself then it should go to the complete article – as it does now.
  7. They want BLOG added to the top menu. So the search box needs to be moved over to the right and probably made a bit smaller to add the word BLOG after DISCOVER. See the mockup below.
  8. They want the bottom of the home page with the different images, below the orange area, to be removed – it is a duplicate of the menu of the top. See the image below.
  9. ANN WILL DO: They want a new GPTW page added where people can get the posters. It’s another page that will look like the top of page only under the country names they want the posters listed. They also want a button going to the posters page from the page.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

On 09/22/2015

I met again with the Culture group and have some follow up information for you.

  1. They want a scroll bar for the events on the home page. They feel that they will have many events coming and they want the user to be able to view all that are current. If there has to be a scroll bar for the BLOGS also, they are OK with that.
  2. For the EVENTS they want a DISPLAY or VISIBLE date that controls when the event will be displayed. So they can enter in as many events into the future as they want - January, 2016, December, 2015 but they may not want some to display on the home page. They want to control which ones they want to display. So with the Events, they want the event date that will show the item on the home page. They want a post date and an end date. And now, in addition, they want a VISIBLE or DISPLAY date that will control when it shows up. Date order sorting still applies.
  3. For Blogs they still want the anchoring to work – if they anchor a blog they want that blog to display at the top of the home page.
  4. For the View More Events and EVENTS links on the home page, they want those links going to a summary page for Events.
  5. Same as before: For the View More Blogs and BLOG links on the top of the section on the home page, they want those links going to a summary page for Blogs.
  6. If someone clicks on a blog item or an events item, it will go to the complete story about that Blog or Event.
  7. Depending if we have to have two different blog applications, we may have to have a category BLOG and a category EVENTS.

I believe that is it for now.
- Ann

Culture Home page Orange area

Image of how NOT to have the Blog be formatted

screenshot of how the word BLOG should be added to the menu of the Culture site

Remove bottom section of Culture home page